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Duterte slams ABS-CBN for ‘playing God’ in dealing with politikos: Wala man lang sorry!

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President Rodrigo Duterte believes the day of reckoning has come for ABS-CBN over its preferential treatment of politikos.

Duterte on Thursday (November 8) said he will oppose ABS-CBN’s bid to renew its congressional franchise, which will expire in 2020.

In a speech in Boracay, Duterte shared that ABS-CBN refused to air his ad during the 2016 elections’ campaign season even if he paid for it.

Following the speech, the President told reporters that ABS-CBN offered to pay him over its failure to air his ad but he refused.

“Ang mahirap dito it’s playing God because it’s a network, a powerful one, without even saying sorry. Wala. Just offer — enclosed a check for — as a reimbursement,” he said.

Duterte said ABS-CBN’s offer of compensation cannot be considered a reimbursement since it failed to meet its end of the contract with him, which involved airing his campaign ad.

He said the network should answer for its actions when its officials face lawmakers to renew its franchise.

“I said they have committed so many frauds. They have to answer for it. If they cannot explain to me why they should not be given an extension o how not to run an outfit… I said I’m going to oppose it because I’m not the only one,” he said.

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