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Duterte slams ‘rich people’ for putting malice in his kisses: Ayaw niyo nga sa akin eh!

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President Rodrigo Duterte has scored rich people for allegedly putting malice when he kisses women.

During the opening of a new Gaisano mall in Davao City Friday (October 19), Duterte said he prefers the masses to wealthy people, who supposedly dislike him.

“They put malice on things that have no malice. Because I won’t kiss them. Why would I kiss them? Especially the rich ones, why would I kiss you? What will I get from you? You won’t even vote for me you idiots. I’ll mingle with the masses instead,” he said in Bisaya.

Duterte sneered at rich peple for allegedly being picky when it comes to who they will interact with.

“They wonder why I kiss women because these rich people p***** i** won’t hug you because they are afraid they’ll catch your germs,” he said.

“Me, what am I to lose? Yes, because I was poor. I came from the canal,” Duterte added.

Last June, Duterte became controversial when he kissed a Filipina on the lips during his meeting with the Filipino community in South Korea.