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Duterte stands firm on outrageous statements: Kung ‘di kaya ng nanay kong ipabawi, kayo pa?

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President Rodrigo Duterte will not take back his statements and orders– no matter how controversial they might be– once he’s said it in public.

In a speech before the Filipino community in Hong Kong Thursday (April 12), Duterte said it is incumbent upon him to deliver on his campaign promises since he won with 16 million votes in the 2016 elections.

“So ‘yan lang nakakahiya na kung hindi ako maka-deliver. [applause] Kaya bantayan talaga nila ‘yang salita ko,” he said.

Duterte said he doesn’t take back statements he made in public.

“‘Pag ako ang nagsalita sa publiko, ‘yan na ‘yan. Hindi mo ako mapabawi. Kung hindi nga makaya ng nanay ko pabawi ako, kayo pa,” he said.

Duterte recently made good on his threat to close Boracay down after calling the sea a “cesspool.” The island will be shut off from tourists for six months starting April 26.