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Duterte strikes back at ‘misandrist’ critics: Galit kayo sa lalaki kasi ang papangit niyo! Bad breath at BO pa kayo!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is taking off his gloves as he fights back against critics, specifically senior female journalists, who have labeled him a “misogynist” for his comments and behavior on women.

“So what if I talk about politics and about the mundane things of — even women? There are… Kasi sabi nila, ‘Ito Duterte, misogynist’. Why, is it wrong to say, ‘Karaming kagagandang babae uy’,” said Duterte in an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Duterte returned the favor and called these critics as “misandrists” or people who dislike, despise, or strongly prejudiced against men.

Duterte said he was not surprised why they hate so much with their bad looks and equally bad hygiene.

“Men-hater kasi kayo. Alam ko magalit talaga kayo sa mga lalaki. Nakita ko naman kayo. I’ve met you… The best practice is after eating our snacks, you brush your teeth. ‘Yung iba naman ‘yung… Wind beneath the armpits. Totoo,” said Duterte. She identified one of his misandrist critics as Vera Files Ellen Tordesillas.

“Itong — ‘yung isa si ano. She’s been asking — you ask… Marami man kayo. Everybody of you, may mga kakilala kayo na senador o… Siya ‘yung nagsabi, si… Torsi, si Torsi — dillas… I chose to forget her name,” he said.


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