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Duterte takes playful jab at Bong Go: ‘Bugok yan. Hindi marunong mag-Intsik’

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday poked fun at his longtime aide, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go for not speaking Chinese.

Duterte had claimed that Go is the first Chinese-Filipino to become senator.

“La Salle graduate ito. Kaya lang sabi ko, ‘Anong Chinese school ka Bong?’ Sabi, ‘Hindi ako Chinese school. Sa La Salle ako nag-graduate’. Sabi ko, ‘Ah’. Kaya pala hindi marunong mag-Intsik. Totoo,” the President said in a speech delivered in Cotabato Friday evening.

“Bugok man ito. Hindi marunong. Hanggang ano lang ‘yan. Hindi marunong mag-Intsik,” he added.

Duterte also defended Go against those people who belittle him.

“Pero I guarantee you that this guy is very honest. Ito ‘yung may-ari ng Tesoro printing sa Davao. Totoo. Kaya minamaliit nila, hindi kasi nila kilala,” he added.

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