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Duterte talks dirty to beautiful Bohol mayor: I’ll grab you, hold on to your panty until garter snaps

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President Rodrigo Duterte was so bewitched by Mayor Tita V. Baja-Gallantes that he put out all the stops just to let the lovely politiko from from Garcia Hernandez town in Bohol know about how he felt.

Duterte went to the extent of talking dirty to Baja-Gallantes during a campaign rally of gubernatorial bet Jun Evasco in the mayor’s hometown Wednesday night.

“You are truly beautiful. If it were me, why would I ever break up with you? I will really grab and hold on to your panty if you try to leave, even until the garter snaps. You’re just too beautiful,” said Duterte in a speech.

Duterte joked that he would even ask his long-time aide Bong Go to make arrangements to have a date with Baja-Gallantes.

“Please take care of my wife while I’m away. I am here in Bohol to play. To play the game of love,” said Duterte.

“Ma’am is frowning already. She’s probably thinking, ‘P***** i** ka Duterte, if you don’t fulfill your promise, you better watch out or else I’ll have you assassinated by my police’,” he added.

Duterte openly flirted with the mayor throughout the event.

“Can you run away with me? You have children, don’t you mayor? How many children do you have? I have three — four. I have four but they’re all grown up already so I don’t have a problem there anymore,” he said.

“Actually I’m not trying to pull your leg. But sa tinuod talaga (the truth is) ang balita ko if I may allow to say it in public and it will not offend you,you and your husband are separated),” he added.

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