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Duterte tells bizmen: Slap corrupt gov’t officials a dozen times!

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday again urged local and foreign businessmen in the country to expose government employees and officials who demand bribes.

“I’d like to encourage, urge businessmen, specifically foreigners and locals, that if there’s anything that bothers you in the course of business, in your application to do business or in the running of your business, and you ran into something like attempts or demands amounting to corruption, everybody is put on notice that you can have an audience with me in my office by the Pasig River,” Duterte said.

The chief executive made this remark during the unveiling of the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC) Motor flagship vehicle, the GS8 2.0L A/T in Pasig City.

“I’m giving you a 24-hour audience should the case may be. Sabihin lang ninyo na may sumbong kayo, you can approach any senator, congressman, any public official or your friend and all you have to do is to call somebody and it’s available I’m sure the number is simply 888, on TV give his name, the person trying to extort or ask money from you or even little favors,” he added.

In his speech, Duterte said he will give businessmen the privilege to “slap” government officials who engage in corrupt activities in front of him.

“If you have something against anybody in the government, go to me and I will contact you and I will call the person you are complaining against, and the three of us will talk. And I assure you that if it is indeed something which amounts to corruption or graft, I will give you the privilege of slapping that person a dozen times in front of me,” the President said.

“That way, you place him in humiliation, and you, maybe, shed off his dignity and those are the right remedies for an idiot who is not needed in the government. Humiliation and maybe a loss of face is more than just the money. It is the worst way of losing whatever is left of you in this planet,” he ended.