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Duterte tells drug lords, criminals to lie low under his watch: Wait for next president or I will kill you!

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President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to spill more blood in his war on illegal drugs and warned drug lords and criminals to lie low in the last three years if his administration.

“The life of a criminal is just one life. I don’t give a s***. If I see you, I will only see you as just a piece of carcass. P**** i** ka you deserve that.

But you destroyed so many lives. And this will spread and this will multiply. And in the end, my country will suffer. Do not do that. I will kill you,” said Duterte in a speech in General Santos City.

Duterte suggested that they better go on vacation until his term ended in 2022 before attempting to resume their nefarious operations.

“I will never allow it (drugs and crime). Never. Not on my watch. If you are going to do it, do it during another president’s time. Wait for me to step down. But in my time, you will really be killed,”he said.

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