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Duterte tells friends to get into business while he’s President: Kung yayaman ka diyan, mas maligaya ako!

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants nothing more than see his friends– particularly those who helped him– get rich while he’s in Malacañang.

In a speech to soldiers in Sulu Monday (July 13), Duterte expressed belief that coal will remain one of the country’s primary power sources as renewable energy is still an emerging technology. He said his friends who are interested in investing should talk to him.

“Maraming mas big time pa na negosyo. If we can just, then they can participate in the… Tayo ang mag-usap. Kung yayaman ka diyan, mas maligaya ako. Kaibigan kita eh,” Duterte said.

“Iyong may — ‘yung kaibigan kong tumutulong, ‘pag yumaman ka nang yumaman, mas maligaya ako. Tutal ako, happy na ako sa buhay ko. But I want you to get rich. But we have to talk because there is so much that we can do business,” the President added.

In his speech, Duterte boasted about “dismantling” an oligarchy which he claimed had been meddling in the country’s political affairs for years. He made the statement days after Lopez-owned ABS-CBN lost its franchise bid in the House of Representatives.

“Kaya ako mamatay, mahulog ‘yung eroplano, p***** i**, I am very happy. Alam mo bakit? Sabi ko without declaring martial law, I dismantled the oligarchy that controlled the economy of the Filipino people,” Duterte said.

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