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Duterte tells how he courted ex-wife: Nilason ko ‘yung mga aso!


Like any other man in love, President Rodrigo Duterte spared no means in pursuing the woman who would become his first wife– even if it involved poisoning her dogs.

Duterte shared the unconventional way he courted his former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, in a speech before the Filipino community in Papua New Guinea Friday (November 16).

The President said he was captivated by the beauty of Zimmerman, a Filipino-German flight attendant, when he saw her inside a plane.

“Nakita ko ‘yan sa eroplano eh, maganda itong — tisay eh. Sige ako kalabit-kalabit noon sabi ko, ‘T*** i**, ang ganda nito ah. Tapos sabi kaagad ni Jun Arcilla if you remember, if you’re from Davao, sabi niya, ‘Taga-Davao ‘yan.’ ‘Ha? Bakit hindi mo… Bakit lumusot sa akin ’yan?'” he recalled.

Duterte said he found out Zimmerman’s address in Davao City when he asked around. However, he was unable to set foot at the flight attendant’s residence because her mother owns several dogs.

To solve the problem, the President said he poisoned the dogs.

“Nagbili ako ng Lannate. Alam niyo ‘yung Lannate? ‘Yung poison sa mga Bagobo. Iyong bola-bola ipinakain ko sa mga aso, patay. O namatay lahat aso, pasok na ako,” Duterte said, without any clarification if his remark was a joke.

“Ang karibal ko hindi tao, aso ang mga p***** i**,” he added.

Duterte and Zimmerman had three children: Sara, Paolo and Sebastian. Their marriage has been annulled.