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Duterte tells Israelis, CIA: I know you’re snooping on all my calls

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President Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t stop himself but spill out before a gathering of Israeli businessmen that he was aware that the Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, was eavesdropping on his every call.

Duterte also mocked his audience by claiming that some of them were Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents watching his every move.

In a speech during the signing of business agreements at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, Duterte said: “For the life of me, I’m sure that Israel is — whenever I talk to — over the phone, I know that everybody is listening.”

“And I would always tell the — the guy on the other line, at the end of the line, I do not use cellphones to talk about state matter. It’s always… I do not call them, I do not even know their numbers,” he added.

Duterte joked that whenever he talked over the phone, “it’s always a promiscuous and lascivious conversation… it’s always with a lady.”

A few week ago, Duterte claimed in a speech that Israel, Russia, China, Indonesia and the US were eavesdropping on his phone calls. Duterte also accused the CIA of plotting to assassinate him.

In his Duterte elicited some chuckles from the crowd when he claimed that CIA agents were among them. “Some of the CIA guys are here, I know. If you are a CIA, kindly raise your right hand please.Nobody is a CIA here? I want to talk to you after this,” said Duterte.