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Duterte tells jet-setting officials: Mag-economy class kayo


There will be no more “free” first-class airplane rides for government officials during the administration of Rodrigo Duterte.

According to the incumbent Davao City mayor and presumptive president, government officials should be content on flying via economy class if they’re using public funds in their travels.

“I’ll take commercial flights. All public officials should take economy class if they’re using gov’t money,” Duterte said during an informal press conference in Davao City Sunday (May 15).

The colorful Duterte, who amassed nearly 16 million votes in the last week’s national elections, has promised to bring “change” in how the government is run.

However, the 71-year-old politiko has another choice as far as getting from point A to point B is concerned.

Duterte has reportedly accepted the offer of “Kingdom of Jesus Christ” founder and Davao native Apollo Quiboloy for him to use his own private jet during his six-year tenure are chief executive.

Quiboloy, Duterte’s spiritual adviser, said he made such offer so that “Digong” can fly home to Davao anytime he wished.

Earlier, Duterte said that he didn’t want to sleep in Malacañang, the traditional residence of the Philippine president. (Samantha A. Giron)

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