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Duterte tells PDEA to let few drug suspects live: We’ll have a large funeral parlor if all were killed

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President Rodrigo Duterte has advised the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) not to kill all drug suspects they encounter so that the country will not turn into a large funeral parlor.

Duterte made the remark Friday (August 3) in Bukidnon amid continued criticism of the bloody war on drugs, which human rights advocates blame for the death of thousands of suspected criminals.

Addressing PDEA Region 10 director Wilkins Villanueva, Duterte said in Bisaya: “Don’t kill them all. Leave a few so that they will live here. If they are all killed, then there’s nothing. We’ll turn this into a very large funeral parlor instead.”

The President has vowed to continue the war on drugs despite outcry from human rights groups.

In his State of the Nation Address last month, Duterte said the war on drugs “will be as relentless and chilling” as it was on the day it began.