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Duterte tells soldiers his promised Glocks are coming: Maguusap na kami ni pareng Trump


President Rodrigo Duterte said that the wait for his long-promised Glock handguns to soldiers would be over soon.

Duterte claimed that the United States Congress has finally signed on his request for Glock pistols which he planned to give to each of the 120,000 soldiers in the military.

“Yang state department nila pati ‘yang — pati pala ‘yung Glock nabasa ko, the congressmen signed the approval for the Glock armaments, which I’m giving to each and every soldier,” said Duterte.

But Duterte said he would still finalize details of the Glock shipments with his “friend” US President Donald Trump.

“Wala pa, pero mag-usap pa kami ni pareng Trump kasi… I have — wala ako, I have nothing against the American people, not the slightest even misgiving kay Trump. But it’s their history,” said Duterte.

Duterte wanted to give away a handgun to each soldier to ensure that they were well armed when they go out of camp. Also, Duterte urged them to use the handgun as an extreme option to shoot themselves rather than be caught alive by the enemy.

“Kasi ang may sidearms lang, ang police. Ang Army, Armed Forces, mga opisyal lang, ‘yung ordinaryong — wala. Eh ‘pag wala ng bala, pagsigaw ng ‘Bayonet!’ Anuhin mo na itong puta, M-16 na walang — hampasan na lang, eh mga NPA (New People’s Army) sanay pa sa likod,” said Duterte.