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Duterte thinks cleaning Pasig River is mission impossible: Naliligo ako dyan kung gusto ko ng bacteria, para ma-immune!

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Unlike Manila Bay and Boracay, President Rodrigo Duterte believes there is zero chance of bringing back Pasig River from its current sewer state to its once pristine glory.

“‘Yang Pasig na ‘yan, hindi mo malinis ‘yan because wala naman tayong zoning. Panahon pa ni Rizal, ang poo ng mga Espanyol noon, diyan sa Pasig pumupunta,” said Duterte in a speech

“Over the years, ang labasan ng mga factory, mga bahay, lahat, Pasig River. O how you can — you clean that? Useless. Hindi mo malinis talaga ‘yan. Kung meron mang — mayroon ka ng overtime, you have to overhaul the entire city. Unless you build new cities outside at mag-migrate and there’s a lessening of you know, people here, maybe you can start. But you can start with the factories. They are all chemicals there,” he added.

“But you know what, mga sundalo ko sa likod. Ako I’m just near the Pasig River. Naliligo ako minsan diyan kung gusto ko ng bacteria sa katawan for immune — para ma-immune ako,” said Duterte in jest.

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