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Duterte threatens to slap, kick ‘ugly’ UN rights expert Callamard for suggestion to legalize shabu


President Rodrigo Duterte is threatening to slap and kick the United Nations expert ‎on extrajudicial killings, Agnes Callamard, ‎for suggesting an alternative solution to his brutal war on drugs.

During her visit to the Philippines a month ago, Callamard said that a drug policy anchored on violence has worsened the illegal drugs situation in countries that implemented these programs.

Callamard suggested ‎A multidisciplinary approach which focused on health, rights ‎and justice, including allowing addicts to take narcotics in a controlled and safe environment.

But Duterte was quick to rubbish Callamard’s suggestion.

‎”Itong mga ‘tong mga… sino ‘yun? Callard? Hindi ko nga ma-pronounce, nakalimutan ko. Pangit kasi eh. They are concerned more of criminals rather than the 4 million already contaminated. And they want me to distribute shabu freely? Putang ina sa harap mo, sampalin ko ‘yun. Honestly. You tell me that in front of the public? I’ll slap you. Sabihin mo sa kanila. Totoo ‘yan,” said Duterte.

“Wala namang Presidente na preso na sampal lang. Bahala na ‘yang mga ambassador-ambassador. Putang ina Hindi pa kasi nakatikim ng wallop na — You suggest that to me, I will slap you in public. Murahin kita. ‘Pag hindi kita tinadyakan,” he added.‎ “The gall of these idiots.”
Duterte joked that Callamard was probably high on shabu herself for making the suggestion of distributing shabu freely so there won’t be nay need to kill the pushers.
“Eh ‘di para akong nagpakamatay diyan sarili ko. Tangina talaga itong mga puti. Walang utak. Itong EU (European Union)? Walang utak,” he said.

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