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Duterte throws shade at Noy: Just because your mother died, you’re qualified to run for president

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Does President Rodrigo Duterte have a beef with former President Noy Aquino? It’s been over three years since Aquino ended his term but Duterte appears to have not moved on from his predecessor.

Duterte, who believes being president is destiny, questioned whether

Aquino deserved to be president nearly a decade after the former senator won the 2010 elections.

“But just your mother died then you are qualified to run for president,” said Duterte in a rant against Manila-based bilyonaryos who have strong influence on who should be in Malacanang.

Aquino’s mother, former President Cory Aquino, passed away in August 2009 and her death sparked a public clamor for her only son to run in the 2010 elections against then front-runner, former Senator Manny Villar.

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