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Duterte to apologize to Kuwaiti officials for harsh words: Kayo na umintindi!

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President Rodrigo Duterte will apologize to Kuwaiti officials for the harsh words he uttered at the height of the diplomatic row over distressed Filipino migrant workers.

In a speech in Malacañang Wednesday (June 13), Duterte said he couldn’t believe Kuwait acceded to his demands for the welfare of Filipino workers due to his outburst.

“Since all of my demands that I transmitted to the guys sa Labor pati sa Foreign Affairs, well sabi ko, maybe I will just have to go there and say, ‘I’m so sorry for the harsh words. But it’s not very easy to accept. Kayo na umintindi,” he said.

Duterte lashed out at Kuwait for the “inhumane” treatment of Filipino workers after the body of domestic helper Joanna Demafelis was found in a freezer in February.

The incident led to the ban on deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait for a few months.

Despite the diplomatic row— which was worsened by the staged and videotaped rescue of allegedly distressed Filipino workers in Kuwait— the Gulf state signed an agreement ensuring the protection of Filipinos.

Among the provisions of the agreement are allowing Filipino workers to keep their passports or deposit them with the Philippine Embassy, the right to have adequate sleep daily and cook their own food.

Duterte earlier said he will go to Kuwait to express gratitude to its officials for signing the agreement for the protection of Filipino migrant workers.