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Duterte to cops: Huwag ninyong pakialaman ang ‘Last Two’

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte, in a speech Friday night, asked police officers not to touch the local small time gambling operations called “Last Two.”

During the 118th Police Service Anniversary of the Philippine National Police held in Quezon City, Duterte urged policemen to go after drug personalities instead.

“Last two” is a numbers game where the winning combination is based from the last two digits of a winning Lotto combination.

“Ito namang mga Last Two, Last Two, huwag na ninyong pakialaman ‘yan… Magpatay na lang kayo ng durugista diyan. Huwag mong pakialaman ‘yang…,” according to the President.

Duterte regarded “Last Two” or in local parlance, “ending” as a “neighborhood” activity.

“Those are pastime neighborhood activities. Huwag lang pumasok ang sindikato. ‘Pag ang Last Two hawakan with people who are known to be gamblers and professional manipulators, you have to intervene,” he said.

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