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Duterte to DFA: Help seafarers stuck in foreign waters

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs to validate reports of Filipinos who are stranded in ships abroad.

In a televised message on Monday, Duterte directed foreign attaches to help seafarers at sea due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nakakaawa naman ito. It pains me to realize na nandito ako and I cannot help Filipinos who are struggling even just to exist and not live,” according to the Chief Executive.

“You live one day at a time. Kindly check on these and help… Whatever that effort is try to just go out and help the Filipinos sana. Nakakaawa,” he said.

“A human being should never be a commodity that’s just left there behind to rot. These are human beings and Filipinos,” he added.

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