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Duterte to ditch Congress if elected as president


The victory of lawmakers in the 2016 elections will be in vain if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is elected as president because he intends to abolish Congress in favor of creating a “revolutionary government.”

At a recent forum on federalism in Lucena City, Duterte said he will establish a new form of government to maintain peace and order if he fails to achieve the reforms he wants a year after becoming president.

“If I am the President, [and] I cannot achieve the reforms I want within six months or one year, I will declare a revolutionary government,” he said.

Under the new government, Duterte said the funds allocated for shuttered institutions such as the House of Representatives and Senate will be spent for the salaries of military and police personnel.

Though he has yet to officially declare his presidential bid, Duterte already dared those who want to oppose his planned iron-fisted rule to kill him because he’s ready to die anytime.

“I will not, I repeat, I will not sit there as President only to become a ‘kenkoy’ for an eventful term. I don’t need that,” he said.

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