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Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is worried that President Duterte might supposedly prolong his stay in office beyond his six-year term.

Trillanes warned that Duterte might do something worse than the mob attack on the United States Capitol to extend his stay in power.

A group of angry supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol in a chaotic protest to disrupt the transfer of power. The unrest temporarily halted the congressional count of the votes to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

Trillanes said the public should brace for something worse as Duterte would supposedly want to stay in power. Duterte’s six-year term will end on June 30, 2022.

“After watching what happened in the US Capitol, Pinoys should expect duterte to do worse just to cling to power before 2022,” Trillanes commented.

“Kasi alam nyang ipapakulong natin sya after he leaves office,” Trillanes, a vocal critic of Duterte, added.

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