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Duterte to ICC: Feed me to the sharks

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By Prince Golez

If the International Criminal Court (ICC) finds him guilty of crimes against humanity, President Rodrigo Duterte said they can feed him to the sharks.

In a speech delivered in Leyte, Duterte challenged the Hague-based ICC to prosecute him for alleged extra-judicial killings under the government’s war on drugs.

“Sabi nila, ma-prosecute ako sa International Court of — International Criminal Court. Eh ‘di sige. Ano man gusto ninyo? You hang me? Good. ‘Yung firing squad? Mas mabuti kay maging Rizal rin ako. You feed me to the sharks? Kumakain man rin ako ng pating so tabla-tabla lang. Payback time,” said the President.

In April, Duterte threatened to arrest prosecutor Fatou Bensouda if she comes to the Philippines and conducts an investigation on his alleged human rights abuses amid the administration’s war on drugs.

Bensouda cannot exercise any proceedings in the country without basis, according to him.

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