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Duterte to ‘quarrel’ China if it shuts down PH power supply

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday warned there would be a “quarrel” if China disables the Philippines’ electricity supply.

“China if you do that, there will be a quarrel. I will not overcome you, but you will receive from me a mouthful. I go to another country to ask for help,” Duterte told CNN Philippines.

The President, however, dismissed claims that China, which owns a 40-percent stake at the National Grid Corporation, could turn off the power in the country because “it’s a business.”

“Ang China tumulong lang, nag-magandang loob. Kasi gusto nila may kakampi. Ang dami nang kakampi ng America e,” he added.

Several lawmakers said China’s co-ownership of the power grid operator could pose national security risk.

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