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Duterte to release dirt on ‘AC-DC’ investigative journalists paid by ‘yellow’: Don’t believe that they are clean, those sons of b******

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President Rodrigo Duterte is fighting fire with fire by making an expose on self-proclaimed investigative journalists who have been making adverse reports on him and his family.

“I will also release something to counter them. You’ll see…A few days from now I will reveal why I said it’s all about money for them… Just wait for it.” said Duterte in a speech in Bukidnon.

“I’ll show you the people who write black propaganda. I’ll reveal them in a few days. I’m just completing the list. Look at their connections. They’re associated with the yellows. They are being paid,” he added.

Since the presidential campaign in 2016, Duterte has complained about the negative press he has been getting which has continued in his first three years in office with charges of human rights abuses, ill-gotten wealth and connections to drug lords.

“Here in the Philippines there is no investigative journalism. Don’t believe the PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism).

Pera-pera lang ‘yan. Because without it, how will they survive?

Rappler is…Don’t tell me that all that they do is just write or that their basic salary as writers is enough for them to live off.

They accept clients to attack. ACDC. You attack to get paid. So don’t believe that they are clean, those sons of b******,” said Duterte.

“You are just being paid.You smell good now because you can now afford to purchase stuff. But if you say that you bought all that out of what you are earning from writing, who will believe you? Unless you release political attacks,” he said.

“Look at their vehicles, their houses. They have been asking money from clients for a long time, especially those big-time writers there.
But there are others who refuse to give in. But most of them do. Ay sus, the women they are in it ,too. They keep on asking for payment. Especially this one who is sick. They keep on asking for payment,” he added.

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