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Duterte to skeptics on his hands-off policy on contracts: Spit on my face if I’m lying

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Bastusin niyo na ako!

This was the message of President Rodrigo Duterte to people doubting his claim that he does not meddle in the signing of lucrative government contracts.

“Huwag kayong maniwala. Maski sinong tanungin mo sa gobyerno, ‘yung mga transaksyon na sa gobyerno never reaches my table. Walang transaction sa train, airport dito that pinipirmahan ko,” said Duterte in a speech.

“Basta pera, out ‘yan. Ang pinipirmahan ko lang appointments pati ano. So kung magsabi kayo na, ‘Duterte ganun ganun’, you are dreaming.

I do not sign anything that has to do with funds or money from the government. It stays there. It begins and ends with the Cabinet member, period,” he added.

Duterte said he does not get any allowances from a benefactor or commissions from government contracts.

Duterte swore that the only money he was getting from government was his P207,000 monthly salary.

“Yung mga iba diyan tag-milyon milyon mga…. Ako ‘yan lang ano ko. Mag — halungkatin mo na lahat. ‘Yan lang ang kinukuha ko talaga and it’s deposited in the Land Bank,” said Duterte.

Duterte said anybody can spit on his face is he was lying about not meddling in government contract signing or getting commission.

“I am telling you the truth and you can check. At kung meron kang makita na which is contrary to what I am saying now, I’ll give you that right. You can spit on my face. That is my guarantee,” he said.