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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte pushes to bring coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines to poor nations, reiterating that they must be available to all.

“If any country is excluded by reason of poverty or strategic unimportance, this gross injustice will haunt the world for a long time. It will completely discredit the values upon which the United Nations (UN) was founded,” Duterte said during the special session of the UN General Assembly on Covid-19.

No one is safe from coronavirus until everyone is, the Chief Executive added.

Duterte also expressed strong support for the global medical and scientific initiatives forged at the World Health Organization, including the ACT Accelerator, COVAX Facility, and C-TAP.

The Philippines, he said, will do its part by contributing in the pooling of global resources and helping other countries without preconditions.

“Our collective initiatives in the UN and other multilateral frameworks are our best chance to defeat Covid-19,” the President stressed.

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