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Duterte jokes about blood test: Hangin ang lumabas!


By Prince Golez

In a speech during the 85th anniversary of the Department of Labor and Employment in Pasay, President Rodrigo Duterte said he came from the hospital for blood test.

“Ako rin galing sa ospital. Kinunan ako ng dugo. ‘Yang media magtatanong naman ng sakit ko,” said Duterte on Thursday.

In September, the President admitted he underwent colonoscopy and endoscopy. He also revealed to having Barrett’s esophagus which was caused by his excessive drinking.

In his speech, Duterte joked that when a test was administered to him, air, not blood, was drawn into the syringe.

“Well I’ll give you an idea. Tanggalin ko na lang ito (cotton wool), ‘yan. May dugo konti. Pero, pagtusok nila ng ng syringe, kukunan ako ng dugo walang lumabas puro hangin, wala na ito,” he added.

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