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Is Duterte using classic case of misdirection to nip coup in the bud? You be the judge


Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. acknowledged that the only way a coup d’etat would be successful in overthrowing President Rodrigo Duterte is through the support of an angry populace.

“A coup will only be possible if there is mass anger toward the administration,” Evasco was quoted as saying in an Inquirer report last October 3.

“But if people are contented because government services are reaching their doorsteps and government is responding to their basic needs, (a coup will fail),” the Cabinet Secretary theorized.

However, the public appears to be too distracted by Duterte’s dirty mouth and foreign policy shifts to get engrossed in local flash points such as the bloody drug war.

For one, the president has been gaining a lot of international attention lately, but for the wrong reasons. He is taking a lot of heat from abroad for his controversial statements, the latest of which was saying he wanted to slaughter the drug addicts in the Philippines in the same way that Adolf Hitler slaughtered the Jews in World War II.

On Tuesday, Duterte continued throwing invectives against United States (US) President Baracl Obama, telling him “to go to hell”.

Last Monday, Duterte’s top ally in Congress, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez made a “from left field” statement saying that he’ll file a bill allowing for the civil union of same-sex couples. The pronouncement grabbed headlines the following day.

It should also be noted that the Philippine peso hit a seven-year low against the US dollar, and it happened less than three months into Duterte’s presidency.

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