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Duterte vows to jail Rufino-Prietos for plunder: They never returned rent collected from Mile Long

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President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to send the owners of the Philippine Daily Inquirer to prison for plunder for leasing the Mile Long property even after its contract with the government has expired.

In a speech in Clark, Pampanga Tuesday (July 10), Duterte scored the Rufino-Prieto family for amassing wealth for several years by taking advantage of the government property.

“Ang Inquirer they continued to collect for another 50. They never returned the money,” he said.

Duterte said the Rufino-Prietos are liable for several counts of plunder because they pocketed the rent collected from Mile Long tenants for several years.

He also brought up the Inquirer owners’ alleged failure to pay P1 billion in taxes for operating the Dunkin Donuts’ franchise in the Philippines.

“Ang plunder kasi one transaction, maski na more than 50, ang threshold is 50 but more than one transaction ‘yan. Pero itong kolekta mo, all these years ng Prieto pati doughnut, that is plunder,” he said.

“Now, you want to see a rich person go to prison for plunder? They will go to prison. We will pay for our sins, the rich and the poor,” he added.

The Rufino-Prietos continued to collect rent from the tenants of Mile Long property even though its lease contract with the government expired in 2002.

The family-owned Sunvar Realty Corp. agreed to return the property to the government last year after a protracted legal battle.

Duterte slammed the Rufino-Prietos for using the Inquirer to cover their alleged wrrongdoing while criticizing politikos.

“All the while, when they published about you, about kay ma’am, editorialized, we are pictured to be the demons of the Republic, that we were stealing left and right. For your information mga Prieto, walang transaction sa gobyerno na umaabot sa table ko…,” he said.