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Duterte wants to be a pastor after 2022: I’ll buy a plane, everything if I can convince you on stupidity of religion


President Rodrigo Duterte is tired of Malacanang and is already thinking of living life as a preacher after 2022.

In a speech in Malacanang, Duterte joked about enjoying the jetsetting lifestyle of a pastor, putting up his own church, and preaching his own take on God and his teachings.

“If you want there’s a new religion in town, it’s called Iglesia ni Rodrigo. My religion does not limit anything. All you can do is… Do not believe in hell. When you die you are just a piece of carcass and that’s it. There’s no more hell — about hell — burning in hell? You cannot burn a soul,” said Duterte.

“But I’m willing especially if I get out of this office, I will talk to you — about you everyday. And I will end up a pastor also, buy my own plane, everything, in the works. And if I can convince them of the stupidity of the religion,” he added.