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Duterte wants to meet Jim Paredes’ wife: What if she’ll agree to have a penis that’s about this long?

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President Rodrigo Duterte has needlessly involved another innocent wife in retaliating against one of his most vocal critics.

In a speech in Bukidnon, Duterte taunted Jim Paredes by saying his wife might be interested in seeing a bigger and firmer dick than her husband’s pecker which was featured in a leaked, viral video.

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“This guy (Paredes) is rich. His wife and children are beautiful. I want to get to know his wife. What if she’ll agree to have one that’s about this long? That’ll suffice. If you want it to be longer, it’ll reach the end of your buttocks,” said Duterte in a speech.

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“Eh p***** i** binastos mo kami eh. Ako. You disrespected me. In return I will disrespect you.Just like (former senator Kit) Tatad,” he added.

Duterte had previously challenged Tatad’s virility by asking if he could “borrow” the Manila Times columnist’s wife to disprove Tatad’s claim that Duterte had a kidney transplant.

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Duterte thinks Paredes has gone ” insane” for showing his limp dick on scoail media. “The problem there truthfully is that he is proudly showing off his penis, but it is so small and limp.Do you know how long the length of a penis should be? About this long. Mine is about this long, so I can still touch this part. There’s still space for this part here. But his penis is so small that if you wrap your hand around it, the only thing left to see is your nails. So shut up,” said Duterte who thanked his father for being born “highly-equipped.”

Duterte said Paredes deserved his fall from grace. “What has he achieved? That’s what you call decent men from the Apo Hi — susmaryosep. Look at these rich people. Look at what they are doing and all of their shenanigans. But if it comes back to them, wala na. Now look. Who’s the decent person now?”

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