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Duterte warns corrupt Customs officials: Quit or face charges

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte issues a stern warning to Customs officials indulging in corruption: You resign or I file charges.

In a speech during the official signing of the loan agreement for the Malolos-Clark Railway Project in Malacanang on Thursday, Duterte announced that the government will file charges against 64 officials and employees of the Bureau of Customs.

“I am, if I can dismiss them, I will be dismissing something like 64 Customs employees. I was reading the dossier from all intelligent sources and I am… If I can dismiss them, I will be dismissing something like 64 Customs employees,” said the President.

Duterte also directed them to report to his office.

“In the meantime, that their case are being heard, in obedience of the rule to the right to be heard, I want them to be here in Malacañan. My view is that help me craft a new implementing rules of how not to rob a country properly,” the Chief Executive said.

“So I will be asking them to report here. And from the sources that I have commissioned, akin lang, I would have cut down corruption by a third or one-half. But most of them ‘yung nandiyan na, we will be filing charges, 64 of them. So at this early, they might be also learning the — what’s going on here, and they are also hearing us.

“It’s a simple case of — you resign or I file charges. And that goes for all of us. We are workers of government and we serve the people, period,” he concluded.

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