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Duterte warns Kitty’s male friend vs. getting too close: ‘Di sawsawan ‘yan!


President Rodrigo Duterte may be the country’s top elected official, but he’s just like any father who’s protective of his daughter.

Duterte shared the stern warning he gave the male friend introduced to him by daughter Veronica or Kitty in a speech at a recent event.

“Ang Veronica ko, nagdala ng lalaki. Gusto daw ako makilala. Sabi ko, walang problema,” the President shared.

Duterte recalled telling the guy: “‘Mahal namin ‘yan, ngayon gusto mo akong makilala, eh kilala na kita ngayon at least, madali kitang hanapin.”

The President said Veronica and the guy should be “decent” because they’re still young.

Sabi ko, ‘No physical. ‘Wag mong hawakan maski ang kamay’,” he said. “Huwag mong halikan ‘yan, hindi pa puwede at hindi sawsawan ‘yan.”

Kitty is Duterte’s 14-year-old daughter with partner Honeylet Avanceña.

The President’s daughter recently shared a photo of her with a 17-year-old boy, who’s believed to be her boyfriend.

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