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Duterte warns miners: Your days are numbered!


By Prince Golez

Mining is destroying the land, according to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte stressed during a situation briefing at the Cagayan Provincial Capital on Sunday the destructive impacts of mining on the environment.

“If u go around Mindanao, it’s parang tansan. Parang itong takip (ng bottled water). Those of you who have traveled Mindanao at low altitude makikita ko grabe ang… and the soil erosion that goes to the sea and destroying the marine life,” the chief executive said.

He shared his government will “make a stand” on mining “at least before next year.”

While the government is earning P70 billion in revenue from mining, Duterte said he is ready to forego of the said amount.

“Medyo magdi-decrease ‘yan but then we will save most of our marine life, ‘yung tributaries natin, yung rivers tinamaan ng… Kayong mga sundalo, you’ve been to Mindanao, you’ve seen how Diwalwal is. Tignan mo ang river ng Diwalwal, it’s black. It passes through so many grids there. The color of the water is not even brown, it’s black, and it goes out to the sea. Kaya ang supply ng marine life sa Davao Gulf is not that good,” he explained.

“We have to make a stand either you are with me on this or I go solo. Pero basta ako ayaw ko na, it has caused so much destruction.”