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President Rodrigo Duterte declared as inevitable that the Philippines would fall under military control if his drug war fails to curb the entry of international drug cartels like Sinaloa.

“We are all students of history. ‘Pag hindi natin — ‘pag hindi ko nakaya ‘to, paningin ko walang makakaya except you’ll have a military running the show. There will never be an ending violence against the people and our children,” said Duterte in a speech.

“I don’t know who will succeed me. Pero kung matakot lang ‘yan sila diyan sa mga… You know, there’s always two sides of the coin. If you are on the side of enforcing the law, you have to do it,” added Duterte who dared his most vocal critic, Vice President Leni Robredo, to take over the drug war for six months.

Duterte said if he had his way, he suggested Filipinos vote for a presidential candidate with a military background. “Ang problema, ang magsunod… Ah ako you better… Tanungin ninyo ako, get a military to be elected … yung mga ‘yung in the horizon, makita mo man,” said Duterte.

Duterte said this was the reason why he has been pushing the military and the police to go all out against drug lords and cartels. “Sabi ko tapusin na ninyo itong giyera na ito because kung hindi niyo matapos sa panahon ko na ako talaga nag — ako talaga nagsasabi go out and destroy them. And if your life is in danger, please kill them,” he said.

Aside from the seemingly bottomless supply of shabu, Duterte warned of the flood of cocaine coming from Mexico’s dreaded Sinaloa drug cartel.

“Kaya makita mo ngayon cocaine. The rich guys are doing cocaine and they cannot be just… May mga yate, may mga eroplano. And they can puff their way to death in places where they are beyond reach by the authorities. Ganon ang style and if we cannot have a control, mahirap because ang pera talaga is corrosive,” he said..

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