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Duterte will not apologize for potty mouth: Probinsiyano ako, wala kaming good manners, right conduct!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is using his provincial roots as justification for talking smack against his critics.

Duterte claims that “probinsiyanos” like him have no use for civilities when it comes to defending against people who attack or insult them.

“Probinsyano ako. Wala kaming good manners and right conduct doon,” said Duterte in a speech in Marikina.

But Duterte insists that he only reserves his insults and putdowns against people who deserve it like drug lords and other criminals, corrupt government officials, Catholic Church leaders, Leftist leaders, columnists and biased media.

“Sabi nila bastos daw. Tama. Bastos talaga bunganga ko. P***** i** pagka ganon kaharap ko, itong mga durugista pati itong bastos mga media, lalo ko ‘yan silang binabastos,” said Duterte.

“Bastos ako, totoo. Ganoon ako kabastos. Naninipa talaga ako ng tao. Iyong mga u***, pinapakain ko talaga ng pera. ‘You eat. Gusto mo ng pera? P***** i** ka,” he added.

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