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Former Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares has called for an end to impunity for the spate of brazen killings in his home province of Negros.

Colmenares denounced the murder spree in Negros and demanded the culprits be brought to the bar of justice.

“Negros, the island where I was born, is dripped in blood. I strongly condemn killings which were committed with brazeness as if the perpetrators were not afraid at all of being accosted by the police,” he said.

He said the perpetrators of the killings must be reminded that President Duterte will “not be president forever.”

“The perpetrators can end up in prison like Gen. Palparan who was abandoned by his military superiors after the term of Gloria Arroyo,” he said.

He also appealed to the people of Negros to unite and demand a stop to the killings and the accountability of the perpetrators. “We must not stop until the victims get justice. We must end impunity now,” he said.

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