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Duterte won’t credit anyone for Balangiga bells’ return: Nadaan ‘yan sa dasal!

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No single person deserves credit for the Balangiga bells’ return, President Rodrigo Duterte said Saturday (December 15).

Speaking at the bells turnover in Balangiga, Eastern Samar, Duterte took a swipe at the “freeloaders” whom he claims are taking credit for the artifacts’ return.

“You know, the bells are returned and it was really because of the fervent prayers of the entire Filipino nation. Nobody but nobody can claim a singular credit for the generous act of the Americans. The bells are returned,” he said.

“The credit goes to the American people and to the Filipino people, period,” Duterte added.

The bells were taken by the Americans as a war booty during their occupation of the Philippines in 1901.

They arrived in Manila earlier this week after being in the United States for over a century.

Duterte said the bells’ return signals the start of more robust ties between the US and Philippines.