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Duterte’s proof of life photos ‘wrong and disturbing’ – Hilbay

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Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay is concerned that President Duterte has to show proof of life photos whenever he is not seen in public for a while.

“There’s something fundamentally wrong & disturbing about repeated proof of life shots of a President every time there’s a public outcry over his prolonged absence,” he tweeted.

Hilbay reminded the President about a “greater obligation” to the people. “A public officer who is Commander in Chief & Chief Exec has a greater obligation than just prove he’s still alive,” he said.

Duterte has been away from public view since he cast his ballot in Davao City last Monday, May 13.

Rumors swirled that he was confined at the hospital but the Palace denied such speculation. The 74-year-old President however refused to confirm or deny that he went to the hospital last weekend.

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