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Duterte’s terror bill on par with developed countries: Palace

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By Prince Golez

Malacañang on Wednesday assured the proposed anti-terrorism law in the Philippines is “at par” with the laws of developed countries.

“I was part of a Cambridge study on Anti-Terror Laws and it would seem that it is the developed countries that have more draconian laws, the US has Patriot Act, the UK has also an Anti-Terror Law that will approximate more or less the terms and provisions of the new Anti-Terror Law,” according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

In an interview with The Source, Roque also said the authors of the new anti-terror bill looked at the European legislation as “model” in drafting the measure.

“I think, it’s a view of the High Commission of the Human Rights has to be taken in the context of other existing Anti-Terror legislation and I’m sure that the studies will confirm that we are at par with the rest of the developed world in fact and not just with the developing countries,” he added.

On Tuesday, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet urged President Rodrigo Duterte not to sign the controversial anti-terrorism bill, saying this heightens concern about the “blurring of important distinctions between criticism, criminality, and terrorism.”

During the 44th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council, Bachelet said the proposal could have a “chilling effect” on human rights and humanitarian work, which in turn “hindering support to vulnerable and marginalized communities.”

The bill is now only awaiting Duterte’s signature.

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