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Efforts for Bangsamoro normalization ‘on track’ – Nograles

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By Prince Golez

Everything is proceeding as planned for the implementation of the normalization program for the new Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said.

“Things are on track and proceeding as planned in setting up various institutional mechanisms for the BARMM,” said Nograles, co-chair of the Inter-Cabinet Cluster Mechanism on Normalization (ICCMN).

The ICCMN monitors and oversees the progress of implementing the transition to a fully autonomous Bangsamoro region.

In a statement released to reporters on Sunday, Nograles cited the fast-tracking of efforts to establish BARMM offices for youth, women, settler communities, disaster risk reduction management, planning and development, and the attorney general.

“The Development Academy of the Philippines and the Bangsamoro Transition Authority signed a MOA recently and partnered to form the core agencies of BARMM. We’re confident that with DAP’s guidance and expertise, these governance initiatives will turn out robust and responsive,” according to him.

Nograles announced last month the decommissioning of 12,000 former Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) combatants as a key component of the normalization and transition process.

Ex-MILF fighters and their families are expected to receive housing, livelihood assistance, skills development training, scholarships, employment opportunities, Philhealth coverage, conditional cash transfers and documentation such as birth certificates and postal IDs.

“We’re being thorough in our preparations, addressing both grassroots and upper level management challenges. We’re way past the experiment stage as far as Bangsamoro autonomy is concerned and our goal is to make everything work and succeed,” the secretary added.

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