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Ejercito calls for deployment ban to countries abusing OFWs


Senator JV Ejercito on Friday urged the government to heed his colleagues’ collective sentiment on the imposition of total ban in the deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to countries where their rights are violated and their welfare denied.

Following the adoption of Senate resolution 676, Ejercito called for a review with on the Departments of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Foreign Affairs (DFA) on the memorandum of agreement for Filipino migrant workers in Kuwait, which is currently in negotiation, for similar undertaking in countries where a number of OFWs are reported to be abused as well.

“It’s like feeding them to the dogs once they leave our country and this kind of deployment must end today,” he said.

“Our women will never be fully protected for as long as they are viewed upon as ‘properties’ by their employers and treated as aliens without rights,” Ejercito said in a manifestation of support for the resolution.

Resolution 676 adopted Wednesday night, expressed the sense of the Senate that the deployment of overseas Filipino household service workers to countries that do not afford migrants the same rights and work conditions as their national and allow withholding of Philippine passport be totally banned.

“Let us not only review our labor policies with Kuwait but more so with other countries in the Middle East like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE (United Arab Emirate), Dubai and other countries where human rights violations on the Filipino workers have been monitored,” Ejercito said.


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