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Emirati employers shoulder OFW’s hospital bill


Not all employers in the Middle East are abusive. Some are kindhearted enough, even to shoulder their workers’ hospital bills.

This was the case of Imelda Devera Pacheco, an overseas Filipino worker based in Dubai, who was diagnosed with stones in her gallbladder in 2013.

“They did not hesitate to help. They did not abandon me,” she said of her employers (–).

Pacheco, a single mother, was advised to undergo an emergency endoscopy procedure at Mediclinic City Hospital which would cost her over P350,000.

While Pacheco worried this would prevent her from sending money back home to her children, her employers expressed willingness to shoulder her medical expenses.

“The time I needed the surgery, they did not hesitate to help. They did not abandon me,” she said.

Her story contrasts with Joanna Demafelis, whose employers in Kuwait killed her and then dumped her body in a freezer.

Demafelis’ sad fate triggered a row between the Philippines and Kuwait, which was made worse when the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs posted online a video of a covert operation to rescue an OFW from an abusive employer.

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