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Emulate Mary, Duterte tells Filipino Catholics

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday called on Filipinos to follow the “holy example” of the Virgin Mary as the country observes the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

“As you embody her holy example in your daily lives, I encourage you to work in solidarity to build a progressive, prosperous, and inclusive nation,” said Duterte in a message.

The President encouraged everyone to get inspiration from the Immaculate Conception “to continue fostering peace and understanding among every citizen regardless of their faith or creed” and hoped for true lasting change in people’s lives.

“The Blessed Virgin Mary’s exemplary life of piety and virtue honored today by our Catholic faithful nourishes the spirituality of our people as they, in turn, become agents of compassion and justice in our society,” he said.

“Her selfless service and devotion to her family and absolute faith in the Almighty lights the path for all of us to overcome trying times.”

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