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Epal foodie! Bong Go eats tuyo with expensive dinnerware


Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go tried to show he’s one of the masses by snapping selfies of him eating tuyo or dried fish at a Cabinet meeting, no less.

Go posted the selfies and a close up photo of his humble dinner on his Facebook page Tuesday (September 11) while the Cabinet meeting was going on.

The meal of President Rodrigo Duterte’s long time aide looked as simple as it could get since it was placed on Malacañang’s fine dinnerware.

While some admired Go for his supposed preference for simple food, other netizens, like Ethel Concepcion, saw it as a mere opportunity.

Concepcion tweeted: “FYI, you can’t ulam tuyo with spoon and fork without hurting yourself. Wag kami. Ilabas na yung totoong ulam ni atih.”

Aquino-era spokesperson Abigail Valte replied that Go’s “real meal” seemed to be that of his seatmate’s.

A closer look at the dinner of Go’s seatmate showed he was served with a meat dish.