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Gina Lopez is an Erap fan: He’s funny, down-to-earth


He may be the country’s former leader but Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has remained humble and kind-hearted.

Former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez has vouched for Estrada’s good heart when she recently paid a visit to the mayor at the city hall. The two are teaming up for the protection of the environment in the capital.

“I was with Erap today, offered to work with him in Tondo and Paco market. I really like him he’s funny, down to earth and sooooo unassuming,” she wrote on Facebook.

Lopez was also impressed how Estrada managed to stop his smoking habit. “He used to smoke 3 packs a day and he stopped 2 years ago! That takes will power… he has a really good heart. Just feels very real to me,” she added.