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Less rancor, more unity.

Former Senator Francis Escudero has congratulated United States President-elect Joe Biden and prayed for peace and unity in America.

The Sorsogon governor wished for the end to the division in the US following a bitterly contested presidential race between Biden and incumbent leader Donald Trump.

“Congratulations President-Elect Joe Biden,” Escudero wrote on Facebook after news broke out about the victory of Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris.

“I pray for peace and unity amidst the strong divisiveness in the United States. Here’s to the people of the UNITED (and not a divided) STATES OF AMERICA!” he said.

Biden won the White House race earning more than 270 electoral votes, crushing Trump’s hope for a second four-year term. The incoming 46th president has called on Americans to come together and pledge to be a president for all citizens including those who voted to re-elect Trump.

The incumbent has refused to acknowledge defeat and vowed to contest the ballot count before the US Supreme Court.

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