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It’s time to level up.

Former Senator Francis Escudero is asking the national government to step up its typhoon response after the massive floods that hit Cagayan and other parts of the country.

Escudero, now governor of Sorsogon, said national government should also show empathy as the nation reels from the destruction left by the recent powerful typhoon. The former lawmaker included the hasthag #TimetoLevelup in his latest government plea via Twitter and Facebook.

“Sorry, but the Nat’l Gov’t should “step up to the plate” re disaster response & should show more empathy to the victims of recent calamities…competence can sometmes take the place of empathy but not all the time!!! But… is it too much to ask for both?!?! #TimeToLevelUp,” he said.

When a netizen pointed out that he is also part of the government and sounded like Vice President Leni Robredo, Escudero explained that the national government has more resources to handle calamity situations.

“Yes but not ‘National’ po that, by far, has more resources at its disposal,” he said.

On Robredo, Escudero said the Vice President is doing her part to address the latest calamity situation.

“To be fair to VP Leni, who I did not vote for, she is doing her share given her limited resources as well. Please remember that the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT was invented precisely for situations such as this,” he said.

The presence of government officials is also important to show the people in need, according to Escudero.

“In catastrophic calamities, one’s best may not be enough simply because of the sheer enormity, but the ‘appearance’ of trying to beat your best, instead of being seemingly nonchalant, is enough for a lot of people to hold on to & inspire/embolden others to step up & help Gov’t,” he said.

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