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Estrada vs. Estrada? JV tells why he can’t be declared a nuisance bet

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Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito is confident that he will not be declared a nuisance candidate even if he will use the same surname as his half brother, Jinggoy Estrada, in the campaign.

In an interview over ANC Tuesday (October 16), Ejercito said the term “nuisance candidate” can only apply to someone who has never held an elective post.

“I don’t think you can be a nuisance candidate if you are an incumbent senator,” he said.

Ejercito, who placed 11th in the 2013 senatorial race, said he will use both his legal surname and Estrada, the surname of his father, Manila mayor Joseph Estrada, in his re-election bid.

He said he was just being consistent in running with the Estrada name since he used it on his first attempt to become a senator.

“What will still appear [on the ballot] is Ejercito first and not Estrada if ever it will be here. I don’t think it will cause confusion because it will be Ejercito then Estrada. It’s not Estrada-Estrada,” he explained.